Tips for pumping! (Really helped me so many help someone else ☺️)


I’m an exclusive pumper so I have to pump 8 times a day. I breastfeed in between pumps due to him cluster feeding. I’ve gotten sore and notice my supply was dropping.

If you pump even just sometimes, order Pumpin Pals flanges! I ordered them on amazon and they are amazing! More comfortable and better sizing to help get the most out of a pumping session!

Also, spectra pumps come with them I believe but if you’re using medela pumps order the duck pill membrane replacement things! They’re not expensive and they also help with pumping and are easier to clean!

Tip number three, for when you’re breastfeeding and the baby is actually latched but a Haakaa! I was doubtful it would work but I had something to finally catch the milk that drips from my other breast while feeding! And it pulls quite a bit out with no effort! Very comfortable!