I dont understand. I need help

I am late ovulating. I havent had any O symptoms. No ewcm or anything.

I figured maybe stress was delaying O.

But today hubby grabbed me a few cheapies. I told him that Im not pregnant. My period isnt late just my ovulation.

But they were sitting there in the bathroom.... Curiosity hit me.

And then this (picture) happened.

Heres my im so so soooo confused. These were taken with the same urine... But the shades are different darknesses.

Could I be pregnant? Or are these just really messed up dollarstore tests

First test was stark white til the 3 min mark and then POOOOF it popped up.

So I took the other test thinking if it was a fluke the 2nd test would be negative but by the 3 min mark it had a fainter but still positive result.

Confused!... I said ef it and took the 3rd test hoping for a better/more clear result. The 3rd test was taken around 2-3 min mark. Right now its the same darkness as the 2nd test.

What does this mean?

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