Leaving baby with a grandparent she doesn’t know?

Long post but I just need some advice and maybe someone to tell me I’m not being irrational. So my daughter is almost 6 months old, my husbands mother called a couple days ago and said she wanted to come visit this weekend. Well I work all weekend and husband works most of the day Saturday. My mother usually watches my daughter when I work so I had planned on letting her do so on Saturday until my husband got off work. Well my husbands mom offered to watch my daughter and my husband just said yes without asking me. I was very upset that he did this without talking to me about it. My daughter is going through the “stranger danger” phase and she has only met my husbands mom twice ( at 1 week old and 4 months old). She also has a hard time eating from a bottle (she’s breastfed) and really only does well for my mom. I explained this and my husband got upset and said his mom is coming all this way ( 4 hours) to see my daughter, I offered to let her go to my moms house and help watch her over there. He said that we should just let her stay at our house and watch her, my mom lives 10 minutes away and can come over if she needs to. I’m also not sure if I’m so worried because the last time she came, which was when I gave birth and she ended up staying for a week (even though we asked her not to) she made a very big deal about me making her feel unwanted and like she was unneeded. I don’t feel as though I acted this way, my mom was here and I didn’t really need any extra help. I have a small home and my husband was off work as well so we had everything under control. But I never once made her feel like she couldn’t be around to enjoy the time with my daughter. But following this emotional outburst she disappeared for two weeks. I have very bad mommy anxiety and always think the worst is happening when I’m apart from my daughter and I have this anxiety she’ll leave with my daughter or not know how to handle her. I feel so bad for feeling this way but also so upset everyone has dismissed my feelings. I even asked my mother to come to my house and help but she even said that my husbands mom can handle it. I feel so guilty. I hate the thought of leaving my baby with someone she doesn’t know, yes she may be in “good hands” maybe? Anyone else deal with anything like this? Any other weekend I wouldn’t be working but of course she comes now..