Is it okay for a one month old to use a 6-12 month pacifier?

My friend has a one month old that tries to suck her thumb and only falls asleep if she has a bottle in her mouth, so a paci is clearly needed. She didn't like her current pacifier, so my friend tried her on a couple others she had from the baby shower. She tried the two other brands she has on hand (the weather is bad here) and the only one she liked is a 6-12 month tommee tippie pacifier. Now her baby girl doesn't wanna give it up. She didn't realize it was a 6-12 month until after she gave it to baby. Obviously she's going to replace it with the right size as soon as possible but she was asking me if it was okay to use for the time being so I asked here. (Baby isn't gagging on it or anything)

Thanks in advance for leaving rude opinions to yourself! ☺

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