How to fix it?!

So last night I went to my boyfriends house for dinner/movie night in. I had planned on dropping the L worked but when I got there he already seemed like he wasn’t in great mood (he’d had a rough day), so I decided to hold off. Later on, he and I were cuddling on the couch, I turned to face him and I accidentally kicked a small pillow off the couch. The pillow knocked over his fancy glass bong (he smokes weed, but I don’t) and it broke. He was sooo pissed. He didn’t speak to me or touch me or anything the rest of the night. I apologized and Offered to buy a new one, to which he declined. He said he knew it was accident but was still pissed (though he said not at me). He asked me to leave but then realized the roads were shitty and told me I could stay because he didn’t want me driving if it wasn’t safe. I offered to sleep on the couch and he told me I could sleep in the bed with him. He said he was mad but not at me. I ended up sleeping on the couch anyways because I couldn’t sleep in a bed with someone who didn’t even want me in their apartment. He came and brought me back to bed around 5am when he woke up and went back to sleep. But again still would not come close to me in bed. This morning when I told him I was going to leave he ended up getting dressed and walking me out to my car and he brushed off some of the snow for me. He kissed me goodbye and said hope you have a good day and catch ya later but he still seemed like he was in a really bad mood. I spent all night terrified he was going to break up with me and I still kind of am. How do I make things better?! Do you think he will break up with me over something like this?? I don’t want to lose him.