My ex is an asshole


I was with my bf of three years. In our second year together I found videos of him having sex with another woman and I confronted him about it and he lied to me and told me that it was old and he kept videos of girls he had sex with. I called him on his bs and he finally told the truth. I was heartbroken and confused. He apologized and said he would never do that again.

A month later he went to London and Paris with a guy friend and he hooked up with another woman he was talking to for over four months and I didn’t find out until he came back and he had photos of them in bed naked. I found other text messages of him talking to other women and women sending him nudes and him meeting up with them. Found out he was on POF and he would tell these women that he had a gf and these women didn’t care.

I forgave him for each women he talked to and had sex with. I should have left him after the first one but I didn’t. I truly loved him and thought he would change but he never did.

During our relationship my ex was a jerk to me and controlling, he would talk about other women to me telling me that any women would love to be in my shoes and I should be grateful. He was abusive to me verbally and sometimes when he got very drunk he would get violent or very angry at me. He always put money, social media and his friends before me. He never wanted to hear about my day and he never cared about anything I told him or asked him to do for me. He would do everything else for other people but never me. He made me feel like I wasn’t enough for him. He made me feel like an unwanted toy that he tossed around whenever he wanted too.

My ex — all he ever did to show me that he loved me was not cheat on me after I forgive him for having a woman in our home after we had fight and stopped drinking. He tried to buy my trust and he tried to win me over by taking me on trips so I would get over my hurt feelings. He didn’t stop being a jerk he didn’t stop putting other people before me and he never tried to work our relationship out. He kept telling me get over it I cheated on you a year ago. How can I get over something when you never let me get over it?!? You kept cheating on me you kept being a jerk to me.

Fast forward I meet a guy in Vegas while on vacation and we exchanged phone numbers and we talked and we would send sexy photos to each other but no nudes! Vegas guy listened to me and made me feel special while my ex made me feel like I had to fight for his love, like it wasn’t enough.

At the time me and my bf were still together and he found the text message between me and Vegas guy. Now we’re not together anymore. The best thing that has happened to me. Side note I did apologize to my ex and told him I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.

I finally realized that if you love someone like you say you do you would do anything in your power to earn their trust again and show them the world. I am a beautiful gorgeous, smart and talented woman and a good man would love to be with me. I deserve happiness and I deserve the world.

I had to vent because I’m still living with my ex right now and it’s been a struggle y’all cause he’s working my nerve!

I’m hoping to be out of here before the end of March but sooner would be preferred.

Update #1: found out he was seeing another woman three months ago before we broke up and promised me he wasn’t seeing anyone or talking to anyone. It just shows that he’s gonna keep being that way to any women.

Update #2: I was introduced to a true gentleman and I’m happy to say this I’m sooo happy 😆