Am i the only one...?

Gina • 👦🏼06/2016 👶🏼02/2019 💙Logan&Averie-Mae💗

So i have a son whos 3 in june, hes amazing and hes such a great kid, but since his little sister has arrived shes 5 weeks today, hes been acting out, i know this is normal as he’s transitioning from only child to big brother, but i just feel so upset all the time, im breastfeeding so constantly have the baby to my chest and when i dont i have to get on with housework ect, and i dont really get to spend any alone time with him until his dad get back from work (he takes sister while me and our son bond over bathtime, or do an activity like drawing/playing ect) while i was pregnant i would spend an hour at bedtime settling him so he would sleep (been like this since birth) but now he settles himself and will occasionally ask for me to sit with him, i just feel hes had to grow up too quickly and feeling so guilty that ive took being a baby away from him, i feel like he hates me because he would rather spend time with daddy, i just feel like crying all the time because i feel like im being a shit mum😪 does it get easier? Am i a shit mum? Pic of my beautiful babies