We have baby!

Macy • I'm a stay at home mom excited for #2!
I'm so excited to say that Mr. Coy J is here! 38 weeks, all natural VBAC, 6lbs12oz 21inches born at 5:11am September 9th. 
I have to say this whole pregnancy my doctor was against the idea of me having a VBAC but once it got closer to time he gave me the ok. I am so excited and happy that I was able to do a natural VBAC! It's a completely different feeling csection vs vaginal.
 If your doctor is willing to let you try I'd say go for it! People thought I was crazy but I feel amazing! 
Baby and I are doing great! We're already home 24 hours later and big sister loves him so much! 
If you have any questions I'd love to share with you :) I'm an open book!