RANT HELP !!!!!'

okay first thing first I love my in laws they are amazing sweet people , but gosh darn it sometimes they just annoy the heck out of me. Like I just got off BC couple months ago. And the first thing she said was that we're not having a baby, but like excuse me. We are grown adults if we choose to have a baby. were going to have one with or without your blessing. So don't tell us what we can do, I understand she can tell her son what to do. But for me that's a no go. It's like she thinks we won't be able to handle a kid, when I grew up taking care of my two baby sisters, I know how to care for a baby. And then she works at this little restaurant for only like a couple hours she comes home at 3 and acts like she worked a 15 hour shift and calls my SO to her house(her son) and ask if he can watch her 1 year old son while she takes a 10 minute shower. 10 minutes my butt she is in there for like 40 minutes and then when she gets out says can you watch him still and leaves to go get her nails done. She has two other daughters. Who ALWAYS watches him by the way to. (One works a full time job & the other is in 6th grade 11 years old) we all have jobs and our own life's but she expects us to drop what we're doing to go Rush  and babysit. This lady never takes care of him only when it's time for bed other then that her daughters watch him or she calls my SO to do it. Which I don't think is right cause he works 12 hour shifts in the heat. When he gets home he deserves to relax not have to go baby sit cause she don't have the patience. The way I see it she don't want us to have a baby cause she's worried that we won't have time to watch HER son. Sorry I just have to rant about this !!! I'm just tired of them taking advantage of my SO I mean he loves her and his baby brother dearly but I see that it sometimes bothers him that she's always calling for help. & it pisses me off cause they don't appreciate him for crap. The past three years I've never see my SO cry but one day he went to go to his parents house cause they need help with everything from paying bills to  to taking his credit and making to bad anything you can think of. Anyways he came home one day and I knew something happened cause he was just silent and I went to go hug him. And he just busted out in tears cause his dad was talking shit to him and everything. And it made me cry cause he's such a giving person when it comes to them. And to know his dad just told him what he told him and doesnt appreciate him made me dislike him for a bit, okay end of story Just wondering do any of you ladies have these problems with in laws?