Miscarriage Due Date Ideas?

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Looking for suggestions! I should be 36 weeks pregnant with our first baby today. My angel's due date of April 20th is fast approaching and I'm getting more and more depressed the closer we get. This is so hard on me, my husband and my family so I'm wondering if any of you lovely ladies have any suggestions for a tasteful celebration/send off for our angel who we've named Reese Von (meaning fiery hope). I'm thinking of having some type of flying and/or floating lantern release to mourn/celebrate the baby we will never get to meet. I do want whatever we do to be environmentally friendly if possible. My mom suggested a butterfly release but I don't know if that feels appropriate for our baby. We don't know if it was a girl or boy. I THINK Ramzi Theory says girl but I don't know and will always wonder. πŸ’”