TWW after fsh shots

Jamie • Army wife👫 RN💉👩🏼‍⚕️ #1 and #2 👼👼6/6/19

Ahh I’m going crazy I think. So my dr had me in on Friday the 22 at 0700. He had labs drawn like norm and a stat lh because I’d had a positive opk the night before. So he tells me to bd the next two mornings. I had three great follicles on the left and and several small in right. Well around 1230 he calls and is like so when did you have intercourse last I was like the last two nights he was ok great you’re going to ovulate very very soon so when you get off work do it again and just stick with the hcg shot as sched tonight it’s won’t do any harm at all. So we did all as sched. Well I am a pos addict so of course I’m going to test the trigger shot out. I tested first the night of just to see how fast it’d show it was obviously very faint. So I tested the next morning and of course it was pretty positive. Then Sunday it was darker than sat. And then today it was even darker! I’m just curious if anyone else has had it get darker like that. I guess I just figure it would metabolize out of my system and get lighter not darker each day. With my numbers my dr is pretty sure Friday was my ovulation day. I know it’d be early for it show on a test so I guess it has to be the trigger shot. But why like I said is it getting darker not lighter??? Please share any stories you have. But please don’t tell me to not test out or it’s just getting my hopes up! I’m staying positive regardless! Test in order from top to bottom