Surrogacy. Who has the right to choose?

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A surrogate offers her womb to bring a baby to a couple who has no option to have one of their own. The baby is in no way biologically related to the surrogate.

Say the baby has Downs, and the parents want the woman to abort. Who has the right to choose what happens? The parents or the surrogate?

Say the baby is a male and they wanted a female. Who has the right to choose what happens?

Say the baby is perfectly healthy but the couple breaks up or goes bankrupt and can't afford the child anymore and choose abortion. Who has the right to choose what happens?

So many times I see it said, that the woman has the right to choose what she does with her body. But in the cases of surrogates, it seems like she shouldn't be allowed those rights because she is just the carrier, not the parent.

I just feel like this situation is unfair to surrogates, (especially pro life ones) who feel each life is precious. But when using the same excuses as some pro choice advocates, (woman's body her choice, etc) she is told she is just a gestational carrier and shouldn't have a choice.

Thoughts or opinions?

(I have always wanted to be a surrogate but due to the possibility of being forced into an abortion has me staying away).