Baby daddy is out of the picture

Jessie • Going through this journey with little Lola and loving her more and more every step of the way :)
It's kinda hard for me to get the guts to post this..but I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and I've decided to stop talking to baby daddy. It's safe to say he was definitely not treating me the right way by disrespecting me, making me feel unimportant, and having affairs. He has said time and time again he wants to be in our daughters life, but has made it clear he doesn't want to be with me. I decided to block him, because he will try to "hang out" which leads to sex, and then he goes back to treating me like I'm insignificant to him, besides being an incubator for his child, which sometimes he'll even say he regrets. I have his moms number and am able to talk to her. Is anyone on here going through a similar situation?? Do you think I did the right thing by cutting him off while these hormones of mine are raging?? Would love some emotional support and feedback ladies..