Hi all! So af was supposed to be here 9/10 she didn't show! 😀 I have been having some really bad nausea and I can't tacos 😑 and I love tacos! I have been also having light cramping on and off since my fertile days. I took a test on 9/10 and I was bfn I haven't tested since then.

Last night I checked my CM I have never seen it like this I'd what it could. The picture I am posting is not mine it's one I got off Google (sorry I know) but I looks almost identical to what had last night. I read the description on the picture and I am kinda getting my hopes up because of what it said. I thought I would post here to get some opinions. I know I don't have an infection ( both my husband and I just went to the doctor before we started trying). Anything helps. Baby dust to all!