Positive opk🎉🎉


So a little back story. I had my last depo march 29. and ended june 29 2018. I have been ttc since july. My period came back right away but was very irregular. In started getting regular from January til now. I though i wasnt ovulating seeing that i had been bd all the time and nothing...well i bought ovulating strips to see when i ovulate and had been getting faded almost positive test. I also bought pre seed to help out a bit..i also notice that my temperature is a bit high today..and i took a test around 10: 30 and was almost positive..i baby danced CD 9,10 and 11.. i also baby dance just a while ago ..which would be CD14.. i decide to check again before i took a bath...AND BEHOLD I GOT MY FIRST POSITIVE OVULATION TEST...flowy said that i wasnt ovulating until the next 3 days and it change instantly to say that i am ovulating tomorrow (cd15)....🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽 there is hope...baby dust