I need someone to talk to.


So I have post natal depression, anxiety and a panic disorder. I have been self harming really bad on my leg the past few weeks pretty much every day. I can’t stop. I just feel the need to do it. I constantly get thoughts in my head about suicide. The only thing that stops me is my brother committed suicide and I saw the scars he left behind. But I am really really struggling. My fiancé knows I self harm, but I don’t like talking about why. I find everything so hard at the minute. I run myself into the ground. I have 2 step kids and an 11 week old baby. I am moving house this week and getting married this year. It is all getting to much for me. I have so much going on. I’m looking after my sister aswell and my Nan. I feel like this is never going to end. I feel like it’s always going to be this way. I feel like I just can’t do it anymore. I have nobody to turn to. ( I am already getting help and I am on tablets)