New boy vs. baby daddy

So my daddy and I broke up after three years of dating . He cheated and was very mentally abusive. I was still in love with him and I thought I would never get over him and we had a convo about how he still loves me and blah blah . But I recently reconnected with a family friend who I’ve known since I was in elementary school let’s call him MJ it’s actually pretty funny he was my elementary crush for a second 😂. He recently just had a baby with another women as well .

Things are cool with me and Mj rn , we are not bf and gf rn but we are “talking”. I invited him and his daughter to my daughters 1st birthday, my BD said he wasn’t going to be able to go bc if work , but now he’s saying he can . Should I warn him or just keep it to myself.

UPDATEEEE: so weeks before my daughters birthday I asked him if her dad if he’s going to go not bring up my new boo and he said no . His gf wouldn’t let him so he saw his daughter for 4 hrs a day before her bday after not seeing her in three months bc of his choice . But my new boo came to her party and was there for her .