Primary School incident what would you doo?

Clare-Marie • MOTHER OF THREE 2 girls 1 boy 3 angles And a baby on the way due July 2019 Married

Hey mothers and all,

What would you do if this was your child.

Anyway on Monday the 18th March my 8yr old Daughter hit her head out lunch on the Oval she went to the office and got an ice pack the siren went and she went to sport with her ice pack on her head. Anyway they had the small sport trampoline out there was only two of them my daughter was jumping on one not realising the leg was broken on one of them and she fell off this is what she got.

This was just the start....

She told me when she got home this picture was taken on the Friday 22nd March. I went to the office to ask about it and my daughter was told off by the lady at the desk all because she did not tell them what happen. Funny that coz she told the sports teacher about it as she wanted to go get a ice pack from the office and was told to use the old one she has for her head on her hip. I asked who was the teacher that was working that day and all I got was I don't know. This is how bad it got....

Now all the has left is a very hard 5cm or more lump that I'm so worried about. My mother, father and husband all said it's not right (I would put a picture up but she is asleep) she said it's still sore so I have to go see a gp tomorrow as they are not happy. What would you do???? Please not judgment