I can't do this. I'm done

I can't do this. After 9years of marriage we were finally ready to have a baby. For 9years we prevented pregnancy because we didn't want to have a child if we were not able to financially provide for it.  last year we decided we were ready. And we tried. In January we tried hard. And we tought we were pregnant. I had weird symptoms. And 11days late! We said this was it. We were going to have a baby! We were so excited and scared at the same time. We talked about daycare, gender, names, clothes, even what relatives are allowed to babysit our baby. Financial discussions, college fund, and we even talked about family trips. We were ready! We are the only siblings without kids in both of our family. We were going to have our own little family. My husband and I and an little baby. Everything was going to be great. It felt perfect. 2days late and I took a pregnancy test...negative. 3days late I took another one...negative. I tought I ovulated late so We waited. And talked some more about our precious unborn child. We promised we were going to be best parents. 11days late...feb14...my birthday. This was going to be my birthday present ... I had plans on taking a pregnancy test and at 11days late it was for sure going to be positive. The best bday present I could ask for. Went to the bathroom...and what is this red stuff coming out of me???? No. This is not supposed to happen! I hysterically started crying in the bathroom at work on my birthday. I heard about girls bleeding during their pregnancy so that's what this must be. Yes....I'm still pregnant. Just bleeding. It's normal right? But why is it not stopping ? No. It's not stopping. The unusual cramps, cravings, and all the other "pregnancy" symptoms it was... my period. No!! I feel like I lost my baby. The baby that I never had. Heartbroken. How can this be happening? We were ready. 11days late? I can't do this. Can't go trough this again. I know u think this is nothing compared to u girls that have been TTC for 6 months or more, even 2-3years. I don't know how u do it. I can't to this to myself again. We wanted it so bad. I'm done. It's to hurtfull. I'm sorry. Don't talk to me. Don't tell me ur pregnant and expect me to be happy for u. I'm sorry. I can't do this.  No more TTC. No more keeping track of anything. No more baby talk. I feel like I lost my baby ... and myself. No more. I'm done. I'm sorry. I can't do this