My Best Friend????



Okay please help me because I feel like I need to break off this friendship.

So I’ve been best friends with this girl for more than a year and things were going amazing. Her family was my family and I was there pretty much everyday. She introduced me to my boyfriend and we bonded over similar tragic pasts (sexual assaults). We were there for each other when one of our mutual friends killed himself and we have both supported each other with crappy mental healths.

But about two months ago she accused me of going around saying I wanted to fuck her boyfriend and stopped talking to me (I didn’t, it was the other way around, he sent me dick pics and shit and told me he wanted to fuck me and cuddle [he’s also my boyfriend’s best friend] but he did all of that after my best friend and him broke up and I didn’t reciprocate). Anyways, we stopped talking for a bit and when I left the state for spring break, I found out she had a bonfire and the guy who sexually assaulted and his friends showed up and they all hung out like it was nothing that happened. She got uncomfortable with him so she told her mom what he did and who he was and the party was shut down.

We began speaking again because she’s been going through a lot mentally lately and I’ve been trying to help her out and make sure she’s okay.

But since we’ve been talking again she’s been kinda off??? She’s just been like making insensitive comments and actions. She’s been hanging out with a different ex of mine who I broke up with because he hit me and one of his friends gave me a concussion and he asked another girl for nudes while we were dating.

Last night we were at a party together and she was around him most of the night and was wearing his jacket at one point. I asked her wtf she was doing and she claimed that he’s a nice guy and that he’s changed. She also kept pushing me away from him the whole night.

She was also wearing a dress similar to one I own and I said to her I almost wore that dress tonight and she looked me up and down and just said “Yea I have no idea why you decided to wear that tonight” and it was just like so entitled and judgy. And prior to that I felt so confident and cute and after she said that I just felt so gross and fat.

Then later in the night we were talking about my exes and she told me that I need to let go of the guy who sexually assaulted me because she did that with the guy who raped her and she looked me in the eyes and said “Like oh my God he put his fingers in your pussy without your consent while you were under the influence. Get over it.” And she just kinda diminished my experience.

I feel like I should break things off because she’s become kinda bad to be around. Any advice?

Also super sorry about how long this is🤷🏽‍♀️