Sleep training??


Did any mommas sleep train at 5.5 months.. I don’t want to be an awful mom, but we seriously need to do something and I’m willing to take any and all advice on the subject.

I tried to take the boob away last night and give a pacifier in place.. it did not go well. So I rocked her to sleep and eventually she caved but she wakes every time she is put down while asleep and will scream (probably until the end of time) if I try to put her down sleepy but awake to soothe herself to sleep. She’s always nursed to sleep and slept with me so this is going to be a huge transition, but I just can’t live this way anymore 🙃🙃

I should add we’re not moving her to her crib yet, just her pack n play in our room to make night feeds (if still happening) easier!

Please no rude comments I haven’t decided how or if we will do this yet but I’m trying to get ahead on advice!