I don't know how to feel


My partner and I broke up a little while ago, we were together 2.5 years and we're both 20years old.

Here some quick dot points:

He keeps messaging me.

His friends are forcing him to hook up with girls but he's been saying no every time.

It seems he has no intention to get back together but his mum says he still loves me alot and could come around.

She also said he hasn't been himself.

He wanted to take a break to get his "head on straight"

But still acting like we're not going to get back together.

Mind you he told me initially that he wanted to go out and experience the party life and can't do that with me.

Also note this happened a year ago too, so this is the second time.

First time he begged to have me back.

Please I need advise, and if anyone has been in similar situations too 😔😔 I love and miss him Soo much