Induction doesn’t seem necessary


I have GD, dr wants my numbers 110, 2 hrs a meal and under 90 fasting. My numbers have been slight over. He put me on glyburide (spelling) said if they didnt improve he would induce at 37 weeks. So I go in today and they did improve and still wants to deliver. My sugar hasn’t been over 140 since the test. I just feel like it’s such a scam sometimes and and easy delivery for him to say is medically necessary because of the GD. I’m not gaining weight and baby is in the normal weight range. 6.2 today and I’m 36.4 weeks. I know it’s uncomfortable at this point being pregnant but I just don’t feel it’s “medically necessary “ at this time to induce. Ugh stressing and can’t sleep. To add fuel to fire my 18 month old is coming down with a cold 3 days before I have her brother!