Boyfriends dog HATES me?!

Today I met my boyfriends dog. Btw he is fixed. I was told constantly he’s super sweet and he’ll love me instantly. Well today that definitely wasn’t the case. He told me his dog doesn’t get along too well with his other dog (his other one was too hyper) and I figured since mine is super calm he’d be okay around her. And my bf agreed. When we met up, his dog peed on my cars tire, and started growling at my dog. We laughed it off and I went up to introduce myself slowly by putting my palm out so he could sniff and when he did he growled at me. My bf said I could give him some treats because he’d warm up to me a little faster so I did and we got along okay for a bit until I went to pet his head and he lunged at me and tried to bite me. He also pounced on my dog when she was trying to get water and barked at her. I was a bit shaken up and my bf kept apologizing saying it was most likely because he was nervous and scared and my dog made him nervous. We went on a bit uneasy for the day his dog occasionally growling and barking at my dog and If my bf put his arm around me or kissed me, his dog would growl or bark. The only time he was okay with me after me petting his head was when I gave him treats but he’d listen to my commands (like sit or paw) which according to my bf is pretty rare for him to do since he usually only listens to him. His dog would get comfortable then immediately uncomfortable around me and my dog. I’m a little bummed out he didn’t like me and I’m wondering if any of you have been through this and could share some tips on what to do?

We’re also going to try to meet again just him his dog and I to see if that’s any better.