What to do confused and sad

Latifah 👦🏽 boymom
Ok I found out I'm pregnant on the 11th of this month and surprising me and my fiancé are no longer together due to him cheating on me and his mother helping do so, but after not communicating for a week or so I called him up to tell him I was pregnant. He said he was happy and wanted to have the baby but at the sametime he said he wasn't going to tell anyone until I'm further along which is fine, but yesterday he called me when he was out with his new girlfriend and disrespected me calling me out my name everything. It broke my heart only cuz he made me feel and told me he was gonna be there and was gonna be a family again but at this point I don't want anything with him just for him to be a father and I so didn't picture my pregnancy to be like this and full of drama  so I don't know what to do I had both of my parents growing up and I want my baby to have the same and it's going to be hard doing this by myself due to me finishing up my degree in nursing I'm thinking about adoption but I want my baby more than anything at the same time I don't know what to do