I'm so "fed up" with being a parent.

My daughter is going through as phase.

Where she seriously doesn't give 2 fucks.

She will ignore, talk back, fake scream/cry. (cause she can stop right then and there).

I'm tired of yelling at her. I'm tired of spanking her ( I only spank her butt once, twice at most.) Even then it doesn't "phase" her.

She throws the biggest fit. If something doesn't happen her way. (which doesn't make sense because we don't give her "her way". Especially if she doesn't deserve it.)

I'm trying the whole putting her in the corner. But I really doubt that's working. The whole taking a toy away won't work with her because she doesn't care for toys honeslty.

I'm just so fed up and done with it. I just wanna (& I do). Break down and fucking cry. I'm so fucking frustrated and I don't know what to do.

I'm so broken. Of course I love my baby girl. She is actually really good but this whole phase I don't know what to do.

She's 2 by the way.