Gaining too much? How to control it?

I'm currently 23 weeks will be 24 weeks on Saturday.

So at my first appointment on January 8th I was 167.

Second appointment on February 6th I was 169

Third appointment March 6th I was 168.

Fourth appointment on April 3rd I was 174!

My next appointment is next Wednesday, so obviously some scales are different but I weighed myself with my scale this morning and I was 179.2...

Am I gaining too quickly? If so how do I control this? I've been "dieting" since I became pregnant and by dieting I mean I cut out excessive junk. I never work out even before pregnancy but what are some pregnancy safe exercises I can do and what should I be eating?

I just want to be healthy for my baby 😓

I was thinking about walking around my neighborhood after dinner every night, is this even worth it?