SOS Please Help!

Hey! So I had some spotting start about 10 days ago. This was about 5 days before my period should start. I figured I was spotting because this was SUPER light. By light, I mean like panty liner lasting me all day. The coloring was always either pink, brown, or normal discharge with red in it. 5 days ago, I thought I stared my period. Now I’m not too sure. It was my normal period color. The spotting got heavier and I needed to definitely use a pad but not quite heavy enough for a tampon. One pad could also last me all day. Nothing has changed since 5 days ago except maybe a little lighter. Usually I have a 7 day long HEAVY period. Sometimes having to change a pad or tampon every hour heavy. I’m 23 and recently started grad school and been having more stress at work and home. I was just wondering if it was all just because of stress, or implantation bleeding, or anything else. Thank you so much for any help!