Advice?? What should i do?

Idk i guess i feel like a need a little encouragement.. my boyfriend doesn’t like my ass like my actual butt so if he compliments it he gives me half ass comments like “your cuff looks really nice today” as in the cuff of my butt cheeks looks nice but my actual ass does not. We got into an argument yesterday and he was like “you know what an ass looks like it’s either right or wrong” and I’m just like.. just because i dont have the ass of some women out here.. the way my ass is wrong?? Like it you don’t like it don’t try to compliment it at all.. that’s like saying to something “i like your tooth” but you don’t like their smile so you compliment a piece of it. He even suggested i have surgery down the line and I’m just like “no i like my ass the way it is and if you think I’m changing it for you it’s not happening” and he would just say things like “your mind will change” like this actually pissed me off and made me feel shitty. Like I’m not completely happy with my body but i appreciate it for now. I’m 5’2 128 pounds to give some sort of an idea. Like in my head i think my body is okay but that’s pretty damn good for me because I’ve struggled with eating disorders before and completely not over it some days it creeps back on me. And he makes me feel shitty when he’s says things like if you had this it would be nice or if you had this it would be nice. Any advice ladies? I feel over it and upset and i feel like if that’s he thought process I’ll probably never be good enough for him. There are so many more important things than an ass.