Car seat safety is important.

I started on a quest of making people aware of car seat safety. Car seat safety is not a choice. It's a duty we have to our little ones.

Statistically speaking, 98% of parents, think they know how to properly install a car seat, secure it and properly harness their child in it. The actual percentage of people that know and do it correctly, is about 10%

My mission for the past year, has bee to educate anyone who's open to education when it comes to cars seat safety.

I have become a certified car seat technician. (Something that any one of you can do, if you take the classes and pay for the course.. along with studying and showing a true passion for car seat safety and would like to advocate and teach others.)

Because this topic is very controversial, I would like to also say this:

I do not state/post opinions. Not mine and not others opinions. These are all facts, that can be easily checked if you look into it.

The AAP( American pediatric association), the WHO(world health organization), Car seats for you Littles group ( with over 30k members and husband of certified car seat technicians.. they all say the same. Car seat manufacturers also state the same.

Rear facing-

A child should remain rear facing for as long as possible. Most seats go to 40 lbs and 40 inches. The average child doesn't reach those limits until around their 4th birthday.

Rear facing is hundreds of times safer for kids under 4 years old. Bare minimum, is two years old. But your child should be worth more than a minimum requirement on a car seat.

There are several medications available for young toddlers with motion sickness..several medications for young toddlers with reflux.

Your baby might cry rear facing, but it is factually the safest for them.