Does he or does he not?

Sara β€’ πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Hi beauties! πŸ’‹

So I'm having this problem and needing advice from anyone(or even everyone); it's about a guy.

So I've added this guy on Snapchat 2 years ago and we talked every now and then,(say hi, compliment each other, etc.). So throughout the 2 years he's noticed that I've talked to guys, and had one serious relationship, meaning that he knew I wasn't looking to give him the chance of day even though I found him attractive.

Well after I had broken up with this guy a while ago, Snapchat guy has still been around and persistently complimenting me, and confessed that he's liked me for a long time and that I grew onto him. Now we chat almost every day, and have even spoken over the phone a few times. Recently, a couple nights ago, we had a little kinky phone chat and called it a night(did I forget to mention he said, "get some rest 'baby" and I NEARLY CRUMBLED. 😍

Well after that night the week started, he's a construction worker so I figured he's kind of busy during the week, so I haven't gotten a message from him. Since Sunday? I don't really know what to think and I'm kind of butt hurt and thinking he's already done talking to me, so what do I do? Keep the streak of not talking first until he sends me a message first????