Anyone TTC w/Chronic Injury, Pain or Illness(es)?

Hi Ladies-
​I was wondering how many of you are TTC & have chronic pain, illnesses (Such as Lupus, RA, Cancer, Blood Clotting Disorders, any other chronic or auto immune diseases) and/or injury(ies)? Injuries meaning spinal, hip or other orthopedic type injuries. 
If you have orthopedic injuries, have you had surgery(ies)? 
If so, how do the condition(s) affect you while TTC?  If you've been pregnant before, what was your pregnancy like & what was the outcome for your baby? 
​If this applies to you, are you on any medication(s) for such condition(s)? If yes, how have they affected your efforts while TTC? If yes and you've been pregnant before how did they impact your pregnancy/baby? 
​It's hard to live w/chronic pain & illness, yet we still want to TTC & have a family just like those who are healthy! 
​Please share your experiences with this, if applicable!  Thank you!