Toxic relationship!!

Might be a wrong place to share but I just need to write it down. I’m a doctor in my country (need to pass USMLE to start working in USA). It’s been 10 years for our marriage, he was my choice. My parents didn’t agree at that time but gave in to my wish . Things started to go downhill right after marriage. He never got a good job . We struggled financially since start. I worked too until our first child diagnosed with leukemia at &then obviously I had to quit my job. My daughter got treatment but relapsed again so I brought her to USA for treatment where she passed away. She’s buried here in USA.She was our only child then . 18 months after her passing, I gave birth to a baby boy and then 20 months later to a baby girl.He got admitted in a university here and now taking classes on student visa, so I come under his dependent and I can’t work here. I’m totally dependent on him for everything because I don’t & can’t work . I can’t leave because my daughter’s grave is here.He’s being a shitty person if things don’t go in his own way .He verbally abuse me and my family. At every little thing he says this is what I am,if you don’t want to stay then you can go back. My parents are least supportive, they didn’t support me when my daughter was sick. I can’t study & prepare for usmle because of 2 little kids and all the housework.For USMLE I need to study for solid 12-14 hours a day. I don’t see a way out. I just stare at his face when he’s shouting nonsense and then go to another room. I don’t have any power to keep things in my favour. He has also cheated on me several times even after the death of our daughter.My heartl is full & I want to cry.