knot feeling on my vagina

i have a spot on the side of my vagina that’s sore when i walk. it was sorer to today than yesterday, nothing unbearable though. so, after my shower i started feeling and i felt what was like a boil, or a pimple, and squeezed at it, and all that came out was blood, and it was kinda sore so i stopped squeezing it. should i try to squeeze it again or leave it alone and see what happens? please don’t comment and tell me to go to the doctor because that’s not really a choice at the moment 😩

update, so i noticed it was really dark tonight, started squeezing again, and just a ton of bright red blood. still feels like a huge knot. i showed my mom and she put some stuff on it to try and bring it to a head. i hope she can fix it 😭