Ashton • 🤰🏽🧔🏽👼🏽 due 1.13.20💙 || Total Thyroidectomy || Benign Pituitary Tumor

I’m so frustrated with being overweight. I’ve always been thin up to a couple years ago. Once I got my thyroid removed, I put on almost 30 lbs and no matter what I do I can’t get rid of it.

I’ve been so mad with myself sometimes I’m like “well let’s just not eat for days” and honestly I’ve stopped eating lunches and how much weight have I lost? ZERO. That was 400 calories at least that I cut out every day. And nothing?

I used to not have to do this. I would just eat how I eat and do what I do and be ok. Now it’s like I’m working out and counting calories and I get no where.

I know it’s a process of finding what works for you but I’m so frustrated. I wish I just knew what worked for me.