How long after having a baby?!

Nicole • Forever missing my angel baby 👼🏻❤️ my rainbow baby girl Juliet was born March 15, 2019! 💗🌈

I know after you have a baby, you’re very fertile and should either go on birth control or use condoms , how long are you this fertile after having a baby? I had my daughter March 15th, this upcoming Friday I’ll be 8 weeks postpartum and I believe about 6 weeks after having a baby shit starts working again and everything is very fertile. I personally do not like birth control. I was on it one time, hated it and now don’t want to go on it again. I also, don’t like condoms and neither does my boyfriend...but will use them until we’re in a more safe place.

So that being said , does anyone know?? 🤔 we’ve only had sex one time since having her , but I’m a worry wort lol.

I know breastfeeding can stall ovulation, but sadly I wasn’t producing enough milk no matter what I did, so my daughter is only formula Fed now 😔