Would you be annoyed ?

So I am 17 and I love with my mom, and I’m 33 weeks pregnant. Anyways we live in a small 3 bed 2 bath apartment and my mom let my uncle and his wife and their 4 kids live with us bc they got kicked out of their house for being dirty and loud. (That has cockroaches for YEARS!) anyways I told the 3 year old to not get into the fridge bc it was 10 pm and I was cleaning up THEIR mess bc hey wouldn’t. And I get a text from my uncles wife saying : “I know my kids could be annoying at times and kind of messy I'm trying my best to clean after them and control them but it's not easy I know your annoyed by us I can tell by the way you look at my kids and talk to them they always tell me you tell them like dont go in the refrigerator don't make a mess and etc i never did that to you when you would go to my house I always made you feel at home i got my kids patty dont worry i will clean there mess up and please dont tell them anything anymore I'm only there temporary I'm trying my best to find us a place please don't make it harder than it already is i promise we will be gone sooner then you know just please be patient with us I am trying the best I can.” I get she’s trying but she lets the kids run wild all day 😂. Making a mess and not cleaning up after them. I am going to stay with my Fiancé’s parents for a while bc honestly I don’t want to feel I welcomed in my own home especially when I’m about to have a baby.