Have my emotions gotten the best of me?

I feel like i need therapy. I made a post a few days ago explaining how "I am tired of waiting to start TTC" and after talking with my partner again, he agreed he are ready financially, emotionally, in every aspect. But he said he wants to wait until the day "he can think about Raising a teenager and not feel stressed" i said that's absolutely ridiculous of course it's going to be stressful but it's still worth it . Well it kills me because he'll talk about how much he wants kids and how I'll be an amazing mother, yet he tries so hard to prevent pregnancy, condom and pulls out.

Well last night we started getting into it and i already wasn't feeling it from the start but i tried. I just closed my eyes and relaxed while he did my favorite thing everrrrr (i didn't even enjoy my FAVORITE part) than he goes to get a condom and i just lose all interest. Like 100% dry not in the mood at all so we just stop all together. Why is this affecting my sex like so much now? I don't even want to be sexually active with him anymore i feel... nothing. Have my emotions about wanting a baby really ruined this aspect of our relationship? I feel even more heartbroken now. Should i go see a professional or will this feeling pass?