I don’t know what to do anymore


Me and my boyfriend have been arguing a lot lately and they are so bad to where they could’ve cost our relationship to end. I feel so drained mentally and physically. so last night I texted him... I’m also depressed and when I am I go into a very dark hole and I don’t want to but it’s hard it’s just dragging me in and this time it’s hitting me really hard idk if I’ll be able to get out... so today it’s felt weird he won’t say I love you when we get off the phone now he won’t even hold my hand or give me a hug and I’m just breaking when he does lay with me I feel like he doesn’t want to touch me or put his arm around me it feels forced and we haven’t talked today and I just keep getting in my head i feel like I’m on the verge of a breakdown. He’s been in bed all day barely says anything to me he’s asleep rn because he worked 21 hours yesterday so me and his kids are in the living room they’re playing