Why NOT to commit suicide - beautiful story with beautiful words

You sit in silence. Across the table you see a kitchen knife, you grab it and contemplate whether or not to thrust it into yourself. You’ve made up your mind. You unhesitatingly pound your guts with this mighty weapon.

Now, imagine your mother, father, brother, child, dad, wife, husband or lover how distraught they’d be when they find out you’ve impaled yourself with something....

Your family cried all day long and they’ll never forget you. Your dad quit his job to help provide for your family and your father stopped returning.

Your lover was extremely upset over he news but she found a way to get through without you in the end

Your neighbors were badly impacted by your actions and were shocked to hear the telegram from your family

10 years down the line:

Everybody but your mother and dad have forgotten about you. You’re at the back of their minds. Your siblings moved away to another district and your parents have adopted a small Ethiopian child to keep them company

The lesson you should’ve learned from this was that you impact people temporarily but they will move on. The world doesn’t revolve around you. You need to find your own life and be happy and always contact me for advice. Don’t do anything mean to yourself and if you feel the impulse to then call the authorities and make sure you receive a significant amount of therapy to rule out any possibility of suicide attempt.

•listen to music to reduce feelings of sadness

•go out and exercise

•go somewhere fun (water park, theme park, restaurant, France etc)

Think about your future children or pets, they wouldn’t exist or be happy without you

You may have no motivation but remember the best thing to do is help yourself. Only YOU can help.

God bless,