breaking up💔


i broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago because he didn’t treat me right. we kept talking everyday and he was trying everything he could to get me back but i have given him so many chances i was numb to it like done with it. and the other night i asked for space because i was way too overwhelmed and stressed about everything and he sat in my car crying begging for everything and how he regretted everything he did. but he went out and didn’t even tell me he did but expected me and asked me to tell him when i was leaving, where i was, who with and to call when i got home but yet he didn’t text me not once to even say he was at a bar, i found out from a friends snapchat. and then he ignored me the next day and said it’s giving me space. but now that he is i am so so sad i cannot stop crying i just miss him miss the cute stuff he would do but the bad started to outweigh it and clearly from the other night he isn’t going to change and i think that might be way i’m sad or maybe that we aren’t talking as much but i just need some advice or something because i’m so sad and just don’t know what to do.