Newborn help from grandparents? STRESSED OUT!


I really hope someone can help me. I have no idea what to expect after birth. Currently only 14 weeks and I’m thinking ahead.

My mother is from out of town who wants to stay with us after baby is born for a week or so idk?

Problem is we live in one bedroom one bath, and I don’t know how cramped things will feel after birth with a baby. When she is here I feel like I have to entertain her and make sure she feels comfortable too.

I hate to say I don’t want her here but it kind of stresses me out thinking about it. I kind of want time for my husband and I to adjust and bond with the baby just the two of us in private.

Is that really horrible of me?

An alternative would be making her get a hotel which she cannot afford and has never done and may feel offended.

Help :(