I don’t want my MIL watching our baby....


So when we told my in laws we were pregnant my MIL immediately said she wants to babysit.

(My husband and i both work full time and i plan on returning to work after maternity leave.)

So at first i didn’t think much of it. But, after thinking about it i don’t want her babysitting all day.

My MIL smokes. Which is fine. It’s never bothered me. Obviously I’d prefer she didn’t because of health risks. But whatever. And she never smokes inside. Only outside.

So that would mean when she’s watching our baby, she would be going outside to smoke periodically. Not to mention she would also be watching my sister in laws baby at the same time. I understand that babies will be sleeping and she could bring a monitor outside with her. But that’s when accidents happen. And she would have smoke on her clothes and then pick up my 3 month old baby. Which second hand smoke increases risks for SIDS.

I probably sound like a prude to some people. But i don’t want my infant smelling like smoke, breathing it in, or being left alone while she smokes.

My husband has never disagreed about it. I think he’s more worried about what her reaction is going to be when we tell her she won’t be babysitting. But am i being out of line ? I feel guilty for saying it. But that’s just how i feel.