We don’t have the best relationship..

So I’m 21 and I live with my mom but I’m going to school and i have 2 jobs. I don’t work in a senior home and at a retail store. I just had my daughter 3 weeks ago and 2 weeks before that my mom started acting like she was so excited to see her. Prior to those 2 weeks I did not live with her, she put me out of her house when I was 2 months pregnant because I wouldn’t give her my ssc. So at that point I was like okay clearly you don’t care about me or my baby and I cut her off like completely stopped talking to her and all. The closer my pregnancy came to ending the more I’d feel sad that my mom wasn’t around and that she would never call or text to check on me. I decided that I’d go to the house and see my younger sister since I hadn’t seen her due to the move. Then my mom was acting like she was just so happy and excited to see the baby saying that she wanted me to be at the house when I have her so she can see baby and help out with her. I agreed to come just to see if anything had changed. After I had my daughter they didn’t give her to me right away because my baby was struggling to breathe. She had pooped in the water bag and it was everywhere literally, it was all over her and she swallowed some of it too. So they took her to the nursery to clean her up and then brought her back. Immediately after I gave her to my mom to let her hold her she turned to me and said “oh we don’t give a fuck about you we only came here to see her” and I just stared at her then she laughed saying she was just joking. Once they finally got me in my room she went home. When I finally got home from the hospital my mom was excited and kept coming and checking on me and stuff and always asking if I needed help but I didn’t. I felt like I was confident with taking care of her. Then a few days later problems started, my mom is an alcoholic and she smokes cigarettes.. ALOT. She feels like it’s fine that she smokes cigarettes in her room because the baby isn’t in there when she’s smoking but she wants me to bring my baby in her room when she’s done and I refuse. Then she gets drunk and comes in my room and wants to try and kiss all over my baby when she reeks of alcohol and I told her not to she got upset. Lately she’s been acting funny towards me. It was really hot in my room and I paid attention to the fact that my baby was sweating, like hair was soaked as if she had just gotten a bath. So I unwrapped the receiving blanket and she started to cry because she was hungry, my mom came and opened the door saying “you have to wrap her up that’s why she keeps crying because she feels lonely” and I told her she was fine the way she was. She slammed the door and walked away saying that I don’t know what I’m doing and she doesn’t understand how I even have a baby. I ignored her because I know what type of relationship we have and I’m trying to do and be better plus I wanted my baby to know her grandmother. This past week my daughter had a drs appointment and when I was getting her ready to go she started crying because, again, she was hungry. My mom came out of nowhere saying I’m stupid and that my baby shouldn’t cry because she’s too young for that then slammed her door and I’m like how is she too young to cry? But she just acted like she didn’t hear me. Yesterday, Mother’s Day, (btw Happy Mother’s Day Ladies) she was still angry because I haven’t talked to her, I just don’t like talking when people are negative oh well. My room is by the back door and my window leads outside, my mom lit the bbq grill right outside my window and didn’t say anything while my window was open because she was mad. She called me out of my room to ask me if I was going to eat since I’m acting antisocial and I said yes then she told me she doesn’t like me right now and I didn’t say anything and went back in my room. When I laid down she just started going off saying how she’s tired of everybody and that she doesn’t want anybody around her that she doesn’t want anybody in her kitchen or using her bathrooms or anything then she wrote this sign on the cabinet saying don’t use any of my dishes and I was confused so I just didn’t say anything. I’m just to the point where I’m going to leave and I’m not going to say anything else to her because I’m tired of dealing with this. I wanted to have a better relationship but I’m not going to be the only one trying.

Thoughts and opinions?