My 6 week old is formula fed and has been since being born 5 weeks early. She was originally on neosure for premature babies but she kept spitting it up to the point she wasn’t getting enough. Her doctor had us try the enfamil AR but she refused to drink it to the point we had to give her the old formula because she wasn’t eating. Next, Her doctor had us switch to similac isomil which is a soy formula. The past few days she’s been doing the same thing as she did with her first formula. She is spitting up everytime she is burped. She is spitting up when I lay her down in the bassinet. She just won’t stop spitting up. I have her bassinet even wedged up a little to help but nothing seems to help. I burp her as much as I can. Is it reflux? What do I do?? Help please!

I’m calling her doctor tomorrow as soon as they open.