Ladies please be careful of your surroundings


So last night my boyfriend, sister in law and friend went to the store, we were walking into the store (@ 11 am) and saw our other sister in law working and we go up to her and she’s like “I though that guy behind you was with you guys” and we were like “what no” we didn’t notice him until after but he was walking really close to us so that’s why she though that. So we tell her bye and we go to the alcohol section and my younger sister in law goes to the chips section and the man goes and stands right next to her, he is so close his arm is touching hers and is looking at her, so she gives him a dirty look and walks away and warns us and makes sure our friend stays with her while she is shopping. So we’re checking out and my sister in law is scanning our stuff and she tells us to be careful because there’s men that are always trying to talk to women etc and the same guy decides to buy his groceries a bit before us. He sees us walking out and walks out to but he decides to walk back into the store so that he can walk behind us. He is walking behind us and keeps walking faster to catch up. So we’re waiting for the light to turn so we can cross and we’re talking about how it’s going rain and he goes closer to us and asks “it’s going to rain?” And we tell him to leave us alone, and he keeps getting closer, my boyfriend is really annoyed at this point and tells him to leave and he didn’t, so my boyfriend started to get mad and started cussing him out was gonna get in the mans face but I stopped my boyfriend and the man started to walk away from us but honestly it was scary. If it wasn’t for my sister in law pointing him out we wouldn’t have known he was following us, it was to the point where my boyfriend made sure my sister in law and I were walking in front of him so the guy couldn’t grab one of us.