How to make MIL stop doing this?

Whenever MIL comes over (once a week) she practically starts a photo shoot with my 13 month old. I send her pics of LO several times a week so it’s not like she has any. The creepy thing she does though is when she gets home she whips out baby pics of my SO and compares them to our son and then sends me the pics of my SO as a baby asking if I see the resemblance too. He’s his son so of course there’s a resemblance! Any photo I send she also has to link to my SO as well. I sent a funny pic using the woman filter on snapchat of my LO and then she went on about how LO looks just like my SO did with the woman filter (he didn’t) 😂 it was so strange. I guess my main question is how do I get the excessive photo taking to stop and how do I get her to stop comparing everything about my LO to my SO because he’s his own person and not a mini me of her son. I get she might like reliving the memories but it’s obsessive. My SO went over to their house a couple weeks ago and saw folders and folders of his baby pics sat on the stairs. Even he was creeped out!

Edit: Ok I left out a lot of context so as to not make this a long ass post. The main reason I hate the incessant picture taking and comparisons is because she initially wanted my son aborted and said a bunch of nasty stuff before getting a grip. So I see her taking all the pics and comparing them to SO as trying to make some sort of claim on him which really rubs me up the wrong way. Any advice now that we know she isn’t this lovely little grandma and DIL (me) isn’t just being a meanie?