Realtors... or anyone I need help!


So my family and I are desperate to move out of a 2 bedroom apartment. We have my fiancé, my 1 y/o, my mom, my two 16 year old brothers, and 10 year old sister. We got accepted to rent a 4 bedroom nice home, since my fiancé has really good credit and a stable job.. BUT, I lied a little bit. I got afraid that if I were to mention all the kids, that they wouldn’t accept us. I didn’t mention one brother and my little sister.. were going Wednesday to meet the actual owner but how can I approach him on mentioning two more children? Is 3 adults and 4 kids too much for a 4 bedroom spacious house? My fiancé and daughter and me will be in the master bedroom, my mom and little sister in the other master bedroom, and then brothers in there own room.. what should I say or do???