How much time does your husband spend with you and your toddler?

My husband is self employed and works a lot. I’m okay with that. He also plays baseball 2 evenings a week plus sundays. He has 2 older kids that live with their mom most of the time, he has them every other weekend) and he goes to their sports at least one evening a week plus most weekends. He often gets home after our toddler goes to bed (at 6:30/7pm). But when he has nights off from sports, work or obligations, I expect him to be home to help around the house and spend time with his family. He does sometimeS, but usually about once a week, he goes out super late with his friends. I think that is way too often and he thinks it’s okay to “blow off steam”. I also work full time and do EVERYTHING around the house. I’m so freaking tired of it.

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