The most saddest day in a long time

Deviney •

No it's not about pregnancy rather then my fur babies. I rescued them at the dump (someone put them in a car that was suppose to get crushed) and I nursed them back to health. At that time they had to be about 3 weeks old and as of today they turned 8 weeks old. These kittens are the only 2 cats I've ever liked. I'm not an animal person so for me to care for these and hold them like a baby meant something. I have a ton of mental issues due to my upbringing and they helped me. Well 3 days ago I noticed maui stopped eating and drinking. The next day he slept all day and had issues pooping (he was straniging himself). Well today I was going to take him to the vet because this morning he wouldn't walk or stand. But by the time I got to the end of the road my baby boy died in my arms 😫😫😫 he somewhat drank and eat yesterday and he finally pooped last night so I THOUGHT he was getting better. His gums was plain white and I didn't no until my mom showed me before I buried him. You would think she would of told me what to do since apparently she knew the entire time what was happening. She says anemia. But can it kill a cat in 3 days? My other baby girl started doing the same this morning. And I have to tell my husband. He didn't have shots but I got her shots this morning and now .....I don't know if I was to late 😫😫 anyone know what to do? No vet will see her unless I have cash in my hands and my husband don't get paid until next Friday

Rip Maui you were my everything. You cuddled, you were always following me. You took my mind off of not getting pregnant. My husband doesn't understand and neither do I but I loved you SO much 😫😫😫😫😫